For Storvretacupen 2023/2024, the prize "Fair Play in memory of Peter Wennberg" was created. 

Storvretacupen was founded in 1992 by, among others, Peter Wennberg. Peter was a driving force who pushed the cup forward every year. The ambition to make Storvretacupen the world's largest floorball cup and after increasing the number of teams every year, 2019–2020 reached the highest number so far with 821 teams from seven different countries. Over the years, teams from 21 different countries have participated.

Peter always cared about the youngest teams, he wanted everyone to be able to participate and for everyone to have fun. He also cherished a friendly environment for all players. 

Therefore, before the 2023/2024 cup, it was decided that a prize would be created in his honor and awarded to a team in each period that distinguished itself in a positive way.  

Peter Wennberg 1960 - 2022