November 9
Registration closes

November 20
Last day to order participation cards and other services

December 10
Last day to register food allergies (vegetarian, lactose, and gluten-free options are always available and do not need to be ordered. No nuts, carrots, apples or curry powder.)

December 18
Last day to register all players and staff members in the squad

December 27
The cup starts

Jan 06
The cup ends


This year we have changed the system and now offer payment via Klarna or card, with a 30-day expiry, therefore we also get new routines. When you register your team, the invoice is automatically sent out via Klarna, and you then have 30 days to pay if you don´t pay directly with card.
However, the last day to pay the registration fee is November 9 and services November 20, so in case of late registration, 30 days does not apply.


Did you win the cup 2023/2024 and have a free registration fee this year? When you register, you will receive an invoice for the registration fee, which must be paid within 30 days. Then you email and we will discount the corresponding amount as credit before you pay for the participant card. Payment of the registration fee must be made for the registration to be approved.
The same applies if your association has any agreements with the Storvreta Cup.


If the team withdraws, the registration fee will be refunded with 100% (minus the banks' service fees) until November 9, after that the registration fee will not be refunded.

Any refund of individual participant cards A + D and other services will only be made if you cancel before December 10 (minus the banks' service fees). After December 10, refunds will only be made upon presentation of a medical certificate up to and including your check-in. No refund after the team started their first match in the cup.

To receive a refund in case of cancellation of players, email should be sent to:

If the team withdraws from the tournament and the whole team cancels their participation cards (A+D) after December 10, 50% of the participation cards will be refunded (minus the banks' fees). In case of cancellation of the entire team after December 18, the participation cards will not be refunded.